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CO-OPERATION & PARTNERSHIPS ⇒ Co-operation with Business

Links with industry is one of our key strengths, these relationships have a major influence on both our teaching and research, keeping our academic staff and students at the forefront of knowledge.

The agreement with industry ensures we equip our students with relevant skills which will lead them to a successful career.

Our relationship is also of benefit to our industry partners as we can provide services and training, sharing our own knowledge and skills to strengthen their business.

Co-operation with the Masovian Chamber of Craftsmanship and Entrepreneurship and the Foundation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

EUOB has established co-operation with the Masovian Chamber of Craftsmanship and Entrepreneurship (MCC&E) with its seat in Warsaw, and the Foundation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (FSMEs), which operates at MCC&E. The aim of the co-operation is to undertake joint educational initiatives aimed at developing knowledge and skills in the field of management and entrepreneurship among owners, managers and employees of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These initiatives include:

a) Promotion of the MBA programme for SMEs, organized by EUOB, among companies that are members of the Masovian Chamber of Craftsmanship and Entrepreneurship.

b) Joint organisation of conferences, seminars and workshops on entrepreneurship and management in the SME sector.

c) Partnership in the framework of dual studies in the field of Management of the first and / or second-cycle studies conducted by EUOB. The co-operation between EUOB and MCC&E as part of dual studies will involve the promotion of this form of study among employers who are members of the Chamber, who will sign individual agreements with the University on the admission of students to practical education in their companies.


We can provide key knowledge and skills to businesses to help meet your business objectives, whether you’re from a large organisation, an SME, a charity or even a government organisation.

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Some of these trainings can also be conducted in English.