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THE UNIVERSITY ⇒ Our Advantages

Why Choose EUOB?

EUOB has a number of advantages, particularly over big, bureaucratic and less linguistically capable higher education institutions. Our distinct characteristics lie in the following areas.

Our teaching and student support

We are equally  capable of teaching  in Polish and English. The University possesses a particular capability for delivering courses in English due to its past experience, British ownership, bi-lingual faculty and staff, and collaboration with British Council. Moreover, EUOB has collaboration agreements with HE institutions in the English speaking countries, whereby our academic programmes are either articulated or validated by our partners and therefore must be delivered in English. Our teaching philosophy is that of maximum student engagement and hands-on learning. Due to our “boutique” format, class sizes tend to be small and students receive individual attention and exceptional support from the university administration.

Our students and staff

Our students come from a broad range of academic and professional backgrounds, as well as different cultures. The same is true for our faculty and administrative staff. Our students benefit from such a diverse environment – this is a great opportunity to learn new things and different perspectives from classmates. They also enjoy the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that our small campus creates. Our lecturers  are international experts in their respective fields. Most of them come from other academic institutions, from corporations, and from consulting practice. Polish lecturers are supplemented by visiting professors from abroad. They usually come from other European countries, Canada and the U.S. They have been selected because of their ability to provide a dynamic learning experience and able to deliver the latest material in an engaging, practical, down-to-earth way.

Our practical orientation

EUOB has the status of a „Professional University” in Poland. This means that at least 60% of ECTS points of any programme of study must be dedicated to subjects developing practical skills of students. Moreover, each programme must contain a company internship. In the case of Bachelor’s programmes, the internship lasts six months and in the case of Master’s programmes – three months. The aim of the internship is to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom to real-life management problems and confront theory with practice. During their internships, students also develop additional skills needed in the workplace. Company internships improve students employability in the future. Often, students who perform well during their internships, and are liked by the host organisation, find employment with the same organisation upon graduation. This is a win-win situation.

Our partnerships

Developing mutually beneficial cooperation with other universities, business and  public organisations, and NGOs is a strategic goal of EUOB. Cooperation with business is particularly important in terms of providing students with places for internships during their studies and obtaining employment after graduation. The aim of interuniversity cooperation , especially with foreign partners, is to enable students to complete part of their programme of studies abroad. EUOB has “articulation” agreements with the University of Hertfordshire in the UK and is in talks with universities in Canada and the U.S. to enter into similar agreements.  Articulation is a formal relationship between two programmes, whereby students begin their degree programme at their own university before transferring to a similar programme at a partner university. Students following this route are awarded a partner university’s degree on completion of their programme of study, as well as their own institution’s diploma.

Our location

EUOB’s location in the heart of Warsaw provides easy access to commuting students and a place where students can find plenty of restaurants, cafés, stores, shopping gallerias, as well as cultural and historical places. The campus can be conveniently reached by train, tram, bus or metro. Located two tram or bus stops away from the Warsaw’s Central Railway Station, the university is housed in a modern office building at the intersection of two main avenues in Warsaw: Solidarności Ave. and John Paul II Ave. The university is also in close proximity to Warsaw’s City Hall and a relatively short distance from its Old Town. The magnificent Grand Theatre-National Opera is a walking distance from the university. At the same time, EUOB borders a bustling business district, where major banks, hotels, consulting firms and head offices of multinational corporations are located. This is an excellent location not only for a vibrant social life and entertainment but also for finding internship placements and future employment.

Our small size

We call ourselves a “boutique” university. This is because of the small size of our operation, trendy location, intimate atmosphere, personal touch and attention to detail. Our small size translates into a number of advantages. Small class sizes encourage student active participation.  Lecturers are more focused on teaching than bureaucratic procedures and  organisational politics. The place has a strong sense of community. Students have more opportunities to interact with lecturers and administrative staff and are treated as humans rather than statistics; in a word, they receive individual attention. Moreover, the small size of our operation allows for greater organisational and academic flexibility. Programme curricula can be changed faster in response to the changing needs of the market and student preferences.

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