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According to the recommendation of the Ministry of Education and Science, Poland’s universities should, as a principle, return to F2F teaching from October 1, 2021, provided the pandemic situation does not deteriorate. If uncertainty persists, universities are advised to consider hybrid teaching, whereby some classes, and particularly examinations, are held on campus and the rest – on-line.  Taking into account the above recommendation and in accordance with the opinion expressed by Senate members on July 29, 2021, Rector of EUOB has made a decision to apply a hybrid form of conducting classes in Winter Semester of the 2021/22 AY. This means that designated classes and associated activities will be held on campus, while the remaining educational services will be delivered on-line. More details on the organisation of the teaching and learning process in Winter Semester are provided in the Rector’s Directive no. 2/2021, dated August 31, 2021 (published in Polish).

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