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STUDY at EUOB ⇒ Post-graduate Certificate Programmes & MBA

The European University of Business (EUOB) conducts postgraduate studies in management-related fields. They include programmes designed for specialists and managers of enterprises as well as public sector and non-governmental organizations. The aim of postgraduate studies is to update knowledge and practical skills necessary for modern managers to manage their organizational units or teams more effectively. For people employed as a specialist, postgraduate studies provide an opportunity for promotion to a managerial position.

Postgraduate certificate studies usually concern narrow specialisations within management and therefore provide more in-depth knowledge than graduate studies. Their essence is also a closer connection with the management practice in a given area. This, in turn, implies conducting classes in small groups and the use of appropriate didactic forms, in which workshop-type activities have a large share. Students gain, among other things, the ability to analyze data, solve problems, build plans, control their implementation, conduct negotiations, manage projects, resolve conflicts, work in a group and build teams, and the ability to communicate effectively with subordinates, colleagues and superiors.

Postgraduate certificate programmes last two semesters (approx. 10 months) and lead to obtaining a postgraduate certificate issued by the European University of Business, in accordance with the Ministry of Education and Science guidelines. The requirements for admission to postgraduate programmes is: (a) holding a first degree and (b) submitting an application together with the complete set of required documents. In the case of studies conducted in English, an additional condition is to submit the results of the TOEFL, IELTS language tests or an equivalent certificate with the results. Postgraduate certificate studies at EUOB are conducted in both English and Polish. The university is working on expanding the portfolio of postgraduate studies. There are currently two postgraduate study programmes conducted in English:

Managing Business in the Digital Age

Managing Business in the Digital Age programme

Business Analytics

Business Analytics programme
Download application form PL (PDF)Managing Business in the Digital Age Form

MBA studies

Within the framework of postgraduate studies, EUOB offers MBA programmes. The Master of Business Administration is a prestigious professional title recognised all over the world. MBA programmes are the most comprehensive and advanced forms of training for the development of managerial knowledge and skills. At present, EUOB offers an MBA for SME programme, delivered in the Polish language.

MBA for SME programme (PL)
MBA for SME Application Form (PL)

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