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CO-OPERATION & PARTNERSHIPS ⇒ Academic Co-operation

International Academic Co-operation

International co-operation of the European University of Business is carried out mainly through undertaking joint ventures with foreign partners under inter-university bilateral agreements. Such agreements cover both student education and co-operation in the field of research and academic exchange. They also cover students and staff mobility in the European Higher Education Area, including in particular the Erasmus + programme. In higher education, the Erasmus + programme supports the international co-operation of universities, enables students to go abroad for studies and internships, facilitates the mobility of university employees, and creates opportunities for universities to collaborate in international projects.

Currently, EUOB has a bilateral agreement with the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. Under this agreement, EUOB students can continue their studies in Hertfordshire and obtain a degree from that university. Students of the master’s programme have the opportunity to go to the University of Hertfordshire after their first year of study in Poland, while the contract for the bachelor’s programme is under negotiation. EUOB is also negotiating cooperation agreements with the University of West London in the UK, Pace University in the USA and Capilano University in Canada.

Co-operation with the British Council

The European University of Business has signed a cooperation agreement with the British Council in Warsaw. The Agreement was driven by the desire of both parties for effective and long-term cooperation in the field of Cambridge English Qualifications and IELTS examinations, which the British Council offers. As a result of this Agreement, EUOB obtained the status of “Member of The British Council Addvantage Partnership Programme”.

The Agreement allows EUOB to organise closed examination sessions on its premises. It also gives the University the right to register its students for the Cambridge English Qualifications and IELTS exams, organised in open sessions, at discounted prices. In addition to the discounts on exams and the possibility of conducting them in its premises, the University received a set of exam tests from previous years. For candidates taking B2 First and C1 Advanced, the University received free access to the British Council Learn English Exams examination platform, and for candidates taking the IELTS exam – free access to the Road to IELTS online course.

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