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RESEARCH ⇒ International Conferences

Participation in scientific conferences is an important aspect of the development of the university’s research and teaching staff. Meetings of academics working in the same scientific discipline, but in other research and development centres, may bring tangible benefits to the university. Above all, the talks and discussions at the conference can be very inspiring. They allow for a new look at your own research problems, approaches and research methods used. They also force people who have a fresh and more objective view of our research and teaching to articulate their views and ideas. This, in turn, may help the conference participants to find a better solution to their own research problems. Preparing a paper for a conference provides a motivation to publishing, as it is usually the first step in publishing an article in a reputable scientific journal. In addition, conference participants get to know people who can become partners in research projects, enrich the university’s teaching team as adjuncts and visiting scholars, become consultants, reviewers of scientific papers or grant applications.The European University of Business attaches great importance both to the participation of its research and teaching staff in scientific conferences, as well as to organising or co-organising conferences, especially international ones.In December 2020, at the 46th annual conference of the European International Business Academy (EIBA) in Vienna, a paper was presented entitled Globalization in a Covid-19 Afflicted World, co-authored by Prof. Nowak, the current Rector of EWSB. The paper deals with a very current topic, but it was exactly the development of the pandemic that determined the format of this conference – it was held on-line. This year, EUOB plans to be represented at the 47th annual EIBA conference in Madrid, which is to be a F2F event.

Apart from participating in scientific conferences, EUOB has experience in organizing conferences, especially international ones. In the past, the university organised conferences on topics related to management of innovation and entrepreneurship. An international conference on Transition from an Efficiency-driven to an Innovation-driven State of Economic Development: The Role of Innovation and Entrepreneurship as New Factors of Production is planned for May 9-10, 2022 in Warsaw. This conference will bring together academics, policy makers, heads of planning and development departments, CEOs, managers, directors, chairpersons, public officers, managers of non-governmental organizations,  managers of educational institutions and professional trainers, engineers, scientists, environmentalists and journalists. The conference’s theme is the shift from an efficiency-driven to an innovation-driven economy that respects sustainable development and social responsibility principles.

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