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CO-OPERATION & PARTNERSHIPS ⇒ Co-operation with Business

Links with industry is one of our key strengths, these relationships have a major influence on both our teaching and research, keeping our academic staff and students at the forefront of knowledge.

The agreement with industry ensures we equip our students with relevant skills which will lead them to a successful career.

Our relationship is also of benefit to our industry partners as we can provide services and training, sharing our own knowledge and skills to strengthen their business.

City Business Awards

The annual University “City Business Awards” recognises the contribution to society and the city by the business. It brings together nominated business short list to a panel of experts who are former auditors at KPMG and PWC including bank managers and international experts. The winners are announced at the annual City Business Awards dinner and a press release is provided to the city news and media.


We can provide key knowledge and skills to businesses to help meet your business objectives, whether you’re from a large organisation, an SME, a charity or even a government organisation.

Professional Skills Developmentls

At the request of corporate clients, the University organizes training as part of company development programs. These trainings can take place both at the EUOB premises in Warsaw and at the client’s premises and may last from one day to several months. The subject of training is to be agreed between the University and the client. We are especially interested in conducting training developing professional soft skills. Possible topics for such training are:

  • Business Communication (in Polish or English)
  • Design Thinking - creating value for the client through systematic innovation
  • Leadership for success
  • Creating an organizational culture
  • Talent and career management
  • Problem solving and decision making

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Some of these trainings can also be conducted in English.