Currently, the European University of Business offers second-cycle (Master’s) studies, as well as post-graduate certificate studies in the field of Management. In the past, the University used to offer first-cycle (Bachelor’s) studies in Management as well. These were studies with an academic profile. However, the change of the status of EUOB from an academic to a professional university has caused the discontinuation of the Bachelor’s studies. We are awaiting the regulator’s approval for the transition of the BA studies from an academic to a practical profile category.

According to the professional status of the University, our programmes are practical in nature, i.e. they are closely related to the use of knowledge and skills acquired during the studies in management practice. This means that at least half of the ECTS credits assigned to a given programme relate to subjects that develop practical skills. In addition, the degree programmes must include apprenticeships. A special type of practical profile are dual studies conducted with the participation of the employer.

Studies at EUOB are not only practical, but also adapted to the current needs of the labor market, both at home and abroad. A number of subjects include, for example, the digitization of management models and processes, especially in marketing. The theme of multiculturalism in the workplace is also strongly exposed. We place great emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship. Study programmes are offered in both the Polish and English languages, giving graduates the opportunity to work also abroad.

Our lecturers are not only experts in their academic fields, but often have extensive experience in management practice. They were selected for their ability to conduct teaching in an engaging, practical manner. Visiting professors from the UK, US and EU join the local lecturers. The faculty is responsible for delivering high quality teaching, learning and research. Our learning pedagogy creates new knowledge and innovation. Our professors disseminate knowledge through academic publications, journals and conferences. Our core purpose is to deliver excellent teaching in management, business economics and entrepreneurship.

The teaching and learning process is supported by the availability of library resources. The university has a Reference Library in its premises. In addition, students and teaching staff have access to online databases of journals, e-books and other electronic data bases.

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