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STUDY at EUOB ⇒ Master in Management Programmes

EUOB offers second-cycle (Master’s) studies in the field of management in the Polish and English languages, both full-time and part-time. These are studies with a practical profile. In the full-time mode, studies normally last 4 semesters (2 years). In the part-time mode, they may be extended to 3 years.

Second-cycle studies with a practical profile require three months of an internship with a company. Internships take place in the last semester of studies.Graduates of this programme are granted a Master’s degree, which opens the way for their professional career or further studies. There are many interesting and profitable job offers waiting for MAs in management, also for managerial positions. Graduates of this programme are also well prepared to create their own companies.

Transfer to University of Hertfordshire and Earn an MBA

An agreement with the University of Hertfordshire  (Herts) in the UK ( allows students of our MM programme offered in English, who have successfully completed their first year at EUOB, to transfer to Herts and enroll in the second year of an MBA programme there.  Such students will have to pass four designated MBA modules at Herts in order to earn a Master of Business Administration degree granted by the University of Hertfordshire. Students moving to Herts and willing to obtain an MM degree from the European University of Business as well, will be awarded credits for the modules completed in Britain, but will also have to complete few second-year compulsory courses at EUOB, submit an MM thesis and defend it successfully.

More information on the study at Hertfordshire can be obtain from Prof. Farmer by sending an email to:


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