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Principal Officers of the University

Team member
Prof. dr. Jan Nowak
Professor Nowak holds a Ph.D. in organisation and management from the University of Warsaw. He has over 40 years of academic and administrative experience with higher-education institutions in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. He has held the positions of Assistant Dean, Director of MBA Programmes, Director of Management Training Centres, Academic Area Coordinator and Faculty Chair. Among HE institutions, he has worked for the University of Warsaw in Poland, University of New Brunswick in Canada, University of the South Pacific in the Fiji Islands and Central European University in Hungary. Dr Nowak specialises in marketing and international business, the areas in which he teaches and conducts research, executive training and consulting. His publication record includes 5 books, over 80 papers in refereed international journals and conference proceedings, and numerous cases, book chapters and reports.
Team member
Vice-Rector for Education and Research
Prof. dr. Mostefa Ider
Dr Ider holds a Ph.D. from Laval University, Canada. Apart from his Vice-Rector position at European University of Business, he is Professor of Strategic Management at Wroclaw University of Economics and Lecturer at Collegium Civitas. He is former Director of the MBA Programs, Director of the Department of Management & Organisation and Senior Advisor in Strategic Planning and Business Development to the Rector at PWSBiA. Professor Ider is a recipient of several Best Paper awards at international conferences, including one for the whole conference. Former Professor at many Polish universities, including Warsaw University, Kraków University of Economics and University of Białystok, he has also visited many foreign universities in Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Qatar, India, Latvia. He has served as President of a Training and Consulting Company associated with J P Mergers and Finance in Germany.

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