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STUDY at EUOB ⇒ Academic Team

The teaching faculty at EUOB are internationally renowned experts in their fields. They were selected not only because of their knowledge and professional experience,  but also because of their ability to conduct classes in a dynamic way, using interactive teaching methods and the latest and most relevant course material for a given subject. EUOB teaching staff work or have worked at renowned universities or companies in various countries. Most of the lecturers have not only academic experience and rich scientific achievements, but also practical experience in the field of management gained in managerial positions in a corporation or in creating new ventures. Others gained practical experience as part of their consulting projects while working at universities. Many of the faculty members are active researchers who publish their research output in national and international journals and are frequent speakers at seminars and international conferences.

The teaching staff is supported by a group of high-ranking managers and influential business leaders conducting professional activities not only in Poland, but also abroad. They are invited to cooperate with EUOB because of their exceptional professional achievements and success in business. They are able to share with students their views of the problems of contemporary management and their reflection on their own experiences and achievements. They are invited by the University management or course leaders to classes as guest speakers.


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