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STUDY at EUOB ⇒ Bachelor in Management Programmes

The European University of Business offers first-cycle (Bachelor’s) studies in the field of management, in the Polish and English languages, both in full-time and part-time mode. These are studies with a practical profile. First-cycle studies with a practical profile require six months of an internship with a company. Internships take place in the last year of studies.

The number of specialisations offered depends on the student enrolments and interests.

Graduates of this programme receive a Bachelor’s degree, which opens the way for a professional career or further studies. Graduates of management easily find employment in almost every sector of the economy. Many graduates create their own start-ups.

  • Full-time: A degree studied in this mode will normally take three years to complete.
  • Part-time: A degree studied in this mode will normally take four years to complete.

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